Marina Barrage Trip

today wasn’t too bad. only a bit stucked up with the AYG. Had Mac and project meeting with fest and events group mates. not too bad. everything’s going well.

went Marina Barrage with Tse Xin, Rachael, Farah and Wan Ling. Moral of the story: NEVER go to Marina Barrage on a cloudy day.
cos they won’t allow you to Marina Bridge, Viewing pad and the Green Roof. very bad. they are afraid that the lightning strikes: OFF YOU GO! The Marina Gallery wasn’t too bad. I really like the place like what Rachael, WanLing and Tse Xin said, “UHOH, We shouldn’t have came here, forgot priscilla loves museum…” LOL. but we were all camwhoring there LOL. cos of the lighting LOL
oh then there was this photo snap. pledging that you will stand up for some green thing or what la. so this was a SUPER RANDOM that i took:

Farah and I was like laughing like CRAZY. HAHA. everything was not too bad down there. the Cafe Staff should UP THEIR SERVICE cos it really sux.

Tomorrow is a trip to the Zoo organised by Mr Shum for those not going to AYG (ppl like me) and Tse Xin is super looking forward to it LOL.

Marina Barrage Trip


LOL. Tmr is site recee to marina barrage! Haha. LOL. I got nothing to say but i just feel like blogging. Hmmm. Anyway, 超级星光大道5 like very kiddish. Cos most of them its like aged 16 to 19. Then there’s even 14 years old. Then like =.=

oh and i went east point just now, saw roslina and my ex jap classmate. From kaixin’s group. HAHA. And my cousin, he’s working there selling watches. Fossils and all those branded watches. LOL.


Skal Luncheon and AGM and CYA SR Interview

Skal Luncheon was really interesting. HAHA. I got to meet people from the tourism industry, which was pretty cool. We all went to Novotel Clarke Quay which i forgot the Hotel Lobby was at the 7th floor and like waiting at the first floor which was at the conceirge, wondering where the others were. LOL. Novotel changed so much since i last went there. like years ago. The last time i went Clarke Quay was during the APAC CHRIE conference but didn’t cross the road. and i told everybody MY DADDY WORKED HERE BEFORE THERE THERE YOU SEE!

ya, so we were all there at the conference board room meeting there where all the exco members including Mr Michael Yeo was there as well. They were all super friendly and food-for-thought by one of the exco member. cos i wanted to be in the spa business management and he said that i need to know the super basic stuff in order to be in the management and blah3. so yup, it really made me think through, everybody said leisure was in growth. coming and booming.

the Travel Agents GMs said that what inspired them to join the Travel industry 30 years ago was because travel industry was really well during that time and there you get to ask lots of qtns like 5W1H and they are super willing to tell you. all the TA GMs there are all senior citizens. HM. it was during the cocktail session that we got to do these. HAHA. and i got to know this lady which was the marketing director for COMO hotels and resorts. She was really nice and when everyone was leaving, she told me that got anything to ask, can ask her. LOL. very nice lady! HAHA


From Left: Stacey (HTM), Yan Ling(CCM) and Myself(LRM)  kindly taken by Mr Cassim.

after that Yan Ling and I headed down to TP with Mr Cassim in his car. I went back for AGM. was really interesting. Hadi was part of the Maincomm which was really a good thing cos i think Hadi is good.

and we also had our own IG AGM. HAHA. Jasmine came to attend the BSC AGM. photos will do the talking cos i’m lazy to type.


SDC12816after the AGM w/o Cheryl

I had that CYA interview early this morning. and the questions they asked i did not really think of it. and they asked me to submit a write up on why i want to continue as Senior Rover and as a Exco member. Trish said I’m struggling cos I still want to be in it. Maybe i’ll think over and i’ll send and type out the writeup tmr. thats all.


Skal Luncheon and AGM and CYA SR Interview

Interesting Day.

This morning i went to TP for accounts lecture and saw Trish, Kaixin, Lya, Steph, Jiamin, jeremiah and a few others. its like that lecture i know a lot of ppl LOL. then after that i went subway with Rachael and walked around VIVO. then went palawan beach for site recce with Fest grp mates. then there was this crazy cup guy whom finished his poly and waiting for uni to start. i think he’s that kinda guy that i’m going for. (ok, i sound so despo) and when i told tse xin and she was like, “why you didn’t get his number??” cos i believe if got fate then will meet again. then she say must 争取. HAHA.

And again, the AYG ppl didn’t call me. and tmr is the SKAL thingy HAHA. wish me best of luck. i’m going to address a few lot of people like what Mr Mike Yeo said like some Ms Tourism then thanking the people like super LOL. and i didn’t expect that he would tell the students at the lecture. LOL. He said like what,” Priscilla’s gonna have lunch with me tomorrow…” then everyone was like HUH? and the thing went on.. =.=

HAHA. and i think UNI guys are better? LOL. in terms of status and stuff. aiya, just finish poly and see how is goes.

and something troubling me: SHOULD I CONTINUE CYA?

Interesting Day.

HAHA. I skipped FE lecture today. cos i couldn’t wake up. TseXin also. HAHA

and i think school was still okay today. HAHA. i passed my ACCTS! YAY(although i got C) like =.=

there was one viewer from my beerfestasia wordpress was really interested in my blog and he even asked me for contacts and stuff in a way i could help him to advertise his beer products in Beerfest next year. HAHA. super cool

I’m really looking forward to Friday. WEE.

I just reached home and today was resorts op presentation. Then it seems like everybody’s presentation and report wasn’t as good as it was expected by ms seow. And she was comparing us with the seniors. And she was like saying that the seniors are far better than us. Hmmm. Like very sad leh. Cos the seniors set the benchmark already. 😦 and ms seow said that our target market was wrong. Hm and that was my part, she said its like throwing a net and you expect the fishes to swim into the net. 😦 awww.

everything was good i think except for resorts op la. I called up the AYG people and they were about to give me the schedule and stuff. But uniforms are not collected yet.

it seems that everything does not go as i want it to be. 😦 i need to do good stuff for my marketing of my event, cos its very important and i think marketing is super important to everything.