Fathers’ Day

HAHA. Fathers’  Day was still any other day. I woke up at 1 plus 2pm cos i slept at almost to 3am.

I think we’re gonna have dinner outside later.


i seriously love Lovely Complex!

THANK YOU VIVI for those awesome videos!

and school’s starting tomorrow and I think we gonna have rehearsal for Resorts Op Presentation i think. I wonder is there any AYG for me. LOL. i think i’m gonna continue working despite the AYG. There’s BSC Student Investiture for all Business IGs in Business School in the afternoon and the Skal Singapore Luncheon with the Skal Singapore people. HAHA. Presentations here and there! and i think i need to start revising especially accounts. Accounting sux.

and i think WordPress is really good. much better than Blogger. I’m glad that i switched to WordPress.
thank you vivi once again!


Fathers’ Day

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