I just reached home and today was resorts op presentation. Then it seems like everybody’s presentation and report wasn’t as good as it was expected by ms seow. And she was comparing us with the seniors. And she was like saying that the seniors are far better than us. Hmmm. Like very sad leh. Cos the seniors set the benchmark already. 😦 and ms seow said that our target market was wrong. Hm and that was my part, she said its like throwing a net and you expect the fishes to swim into the net. 😦 awww.

everything was good i think except for resorts op la. I called up the AYG people and they were about to give me the schedule and stuff. But uniforms are not collected yet.

it seems that everything does not go as i want it to be. 😦 i need to do good stuff for my marketing of my event, cos its very important and i think marketing is super important to everything.

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