Interesting Day.

This morning i went to TP for accounts lecture and saw Trish, Kaixin, Lya, Steph, Jiamin, jeremiah and a few others. its like that lecture i know a lot of ppl LOL. then after that i went subway with Rachael and walked around VIVO. then went palawan beach for site recce with Fest grp mates. then there was this crazy cup guy whom finished his poly and waiting for uni to start. i think he’s that kinda guy that i’m going for. (ok, i sound so despo) and when i told tse xin and she was like, “why you didn’t get his number??” cos i believe if got fate then will meet again. then she say must 争取. HAHA.

And again, the AYG ppl didn’t call me. and tmr is the SKAL thingy HAHA. wish me best of luck. i’m going to address a few lot of people like what Mr Mike Yeo said like some Ms Tourism then thanking the people like super LOL. and i didn’t expect that he would tell the students at the lecture. LOL. He said like what,” Priscilla’s gonna have lunch with me tomorrow…” then everyone was like HUH? and the thing went on.. =.=

HAHA. and i think UNI guys are better? LOL. in terms of status and stuff. aiya, just finish poly and see how is goes.

and something troubling me: SHOULD I CONTINUE CYA?

Interesting Day.

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