Skal Luncheon and AGM and CYA SR Interview

Skal Luncheon was really interesting. HAHA. I got to meet people from the tourism industry, which was pretty cool. We all went to Novotel Clarke Quay which i forgot the Hotel Lobby was at the 7th floor and like waiting at the first floor which was at the conceirge, wondering where the others were. LOL. Novotel changed so much since i last went there. like years ago. The last time i went Clarke Quay was during the APAC CHRIE conference but didn’t cross the road. and i told everybody MY DADDY WORKED HERE BEFORE THERE THERE YOU SEE!

ya, so we were all there at the conference board room meeting there where all the exco members including Mr Michael Yeo was there as well. They were all super friendly and food-for-thought by one of the exco member. cos i wanted to be in the spa business management and he said that i need to know the super basic stuff in order to be in the management and blah3. so yup, it really made me think through, everybody said leisure was in growth. coming and booming.

the Travel Agents GMs said that what inspired them to join the Travel industry 30 years ago was because travel industry was really well during that time and there you get to ask lots of qtns like 5W1H and they are super willing to tell you. all the TA GMs there are all senior citizens. HM. it was during the cocktail session that we got to do these. HAHA. and i got to know this lady which was the marketing director for COMO hotels and resorts. She was really nice and when everyone was leaving, she told me that got anything to ask, can ask her. LOL. very nice lady! HAHA


From Left: Stacey (HTM), Yan Ling(CCM) and Myself(LRM)  kindly taken by Mr Cassim.

after that Yan Ling and I headed down to TP with Mr Cassim in his car. I went back for AGM. was really interesting. Hadi was part of the Maincomm which was really a good thing cos i think Hadi is good.

and we also had our own IG AGM. HAHA. Jasmine came to attend the BSC AGM. photos will do the talking cos i’m lazy to type.


SDC12816after the AGM w/o Cheryl

I had that CYA interview early this morning. and the questions they asked i did not really think of it. and they asked me to submit a write up on why i want to continue as Senior Rover and as a Exco member. Trish said I’m struggling cos I still want to be in it. Maybe i’ll think over and i’ll send and type out the writeup tmr. thats all.


Skal Luncheon and AGM and CYA SR Interview

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