Marina Barrage Trip

today wasn’t too bad. only a bit stucked up with the AYG. Had Mac and project meeting with fest and events group mates. not too bad. everything’s going well.

went Marina Barrage with Tse Xin, Rachael, Farah and Wan Ling. Moral of the story: NEVER go to Marina Barrage on a cloudy day.
cos they won’t allow you to Marina Bridge, Viewing pad and the Green Roof. very bad. they are afraid that the lightning strikes: OFF YOU GO! The Marina Gallery wasn’t too bad. I really like the place like what Rachael, WanLing and Tse Xin said, “UHOH, We shouldn’t have came here, forgot priscilla loves museum…” LOL. but we were all camwhoring there LOL. cos of the lighting LOL
oh then there was this photo snap. pledging that you will stand up for some green thing or what la. so this was a SUPER RANDOM that i took:

Farah and I was like laughing like CRAZY. HAHA. everything was not too bad down there. the Cafe Staff should UP THEIR SERVICE cos it really sux.

Tomorrow is a trip to the Zoo organised by Mr Shum for those not going to AYG (ppl like me) and Tse Xin is super looking forward to it LOL.

Marina Barrage Trip

4 thoughts on “Marina Barrage Trip

    1. priscillafoo says:

      I didn’t manage to take that red one. cos my camera battery went flat. HAHA. the wall cameras were really cool. I had a great laugh with that HAHAHAHAHA

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