Lemon Tree.

So what does a Lemon Tree looks like? Or sounds like?

The Korean Version by Park Hye Kyung

The Animated Lemon Tree feat. Stickmans by Fools Garden

Lets be a bit Patriotic

Moments of Magic.


Lemon Tree.

July Skal Luncheon

today was a pretty good day. everything went well. lunch was good everything was good. SKAL Luncheon was at Grand Hyatt Hotel had Hor Fun cos I could not take lamb and then there was no dessert. the CHOCOLATEY one. AWMAN.


went for Resorts world interview and i think it went pretty well. and i am so motivated to go Orlando for OSIP. AWMAN. NO $ is a baddest thing you can’t have in your entire life man…

July Skal Luncheon

Resorts Op Guest Lecture

Today we had the Resorts Op Guest Lecture. The Speaker was from Resorts World(RW) (obviously) named Mr Lawrence Lim, HR Executive for RW. and he was really cool in introducing the RW to all of us. RW did have a lot of WOW factor. and i went to RW official website, there were many interesting stuff. There were photos posted online as in how the construction was going on, how resorts were being built and things like that. VERY10 impressive. so there’s this ESPA thingy and when i google-d it, it was a really fascinating spa. http://www.espaonline.com/SpaByEspa/SpaHome.aspx. YUP. photos were really good. then one of the management person is one of those from SKAL. HAHA.

tomorrow got luncheon and i am really looking forward to it. YAY. good food and its interesing la. was supposed to go for RW interview at TP tmr. the lady called me today and she said she will call me but she didn’t call me lehhhh. then tmr how man….OMG. if not i’ll go back with Mr Yeo to TP for intro lecture lo SERIOUSLY. =.=

Resorts Op Guest Lecture


I got 4 commitments.

Changi Youth Ambassador (CYA), Youth Executive Committee (YEC), LRMIG and Girl Guides.

CYA: it was like so suddenly, then we are going to be called to the interview to vote for the main comm people and AGM comes in. then it would be a weekly commitment at the Airport. i wanted to get in Main comm cos got points (i am very 现实, can’t help it)

YEC: Social and Community Secretary. this is a committee thing. then the organising of events i think can cut down.

LRMIG: this one is first priority for me i think of all commitments.

GG: Unit Leader for _____school? no idea.

i know. one word. DIE

i think i should be more optimistic 😀



That’s just life.

it was really nice talking to Ms Seow. and she’s really nice. and one thing she said, don’t take things to heart: 要看开一点

and like what tse xin said: thats life: Face it.

Reflection paper due next next week.

next week have to wear 4 days of formal. Monday(fest), Tues(AM interview), Thurs(SKAL Luncheon), Fri(Intro Interview)

I got many things and not done. ANDIHATETHIS


That’s just life.


I’m bored. I’m doing ACM. some photo things. i got nothing to update. just feel that today’s OPERA lesson was quite interesting and I was late for Ms Seow’s lesson. FOR ONCE.

and fest presentation is NEXT MONDAY. SIANNED