The Pledge – Just Another Mundance Routine

The Pledge – Just another mundane routine.

I think this video is pretty cool. From the part that they play the national anthem and pledge reciting during Assembly last time, this was what really happened in secondary school last time. LOL. and the principal made us sing the anthem for like 5 times (highest record!) cos nobody’s singing LOL.

I was sneezing since this morning. then it got worse and we had IG meeting. Farah was so late and Rachael was so mad with her. in the meantime, i went to buy Bread for BreadTalk and Coffee from Mac. LOVELY!  The chocolate croissant was really chocolatey! HAHA.

and Mr Pang commented on FB that don’t put vulgarities on social networking websites: doesn’t reflect well on me.:( quite true, cos Raphael commented on that as well. He thought that I’m some typical girl.

I feel so guilty cos I didn’t voice out that I wanted Shimin’s design for IG shirt which i thought it was pretty good. AWMAN.

The Pledge – Just Another Mundance Routine

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