I am lazy to type

so i’m going to copy and paste what happened at class today.

Ms seow gave another Comparison lecture during OPERA

PRIS says:

we were so fedup about it until my friends talked like her like in some of our conversations
early afternoon
straight afterattendance
she said our coursework was bad
C- on avrg
current seniors are B- and graduates are B+
then she said she set the paper was very diff for your mid sem
cos its first batch
then lower down expectations
and blah….
all the grandma story
during opera lesson
i told my mom
she said
now you hate yout lecturer then when you graduate then you’ll thank her so much…

Ms seow also said that she gonna make the main exam very diff. so i said

PRIS says:
very bad.
then i die
for main paper i think
cos she said she gonna make it very diff then my main paper is 55% cos i didn take mid sem and its moved forard to main paper

thats all i think

and i saw this video which was pretty funny. LMAO

Roller Coaster Quiz Show
Roller Coaster Quiz Show

the way he screamed and talked was VERY VERY FUNNY

I am lazy to type

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