Resorts Op Guest Lecture

Today we had the Resorts Op Guest Lecture. The Speaker was from Resorts World(RW) (obviously) named Mr Lawrence Lim, HR Executive for RW. and he was really cool in introducing the RW to all of us. RW did have a lot of WOW factor. and i went to RW official website, there were many interesting stuff. There were photos posted online as in how the construction was going on, how resorts were being built and things like that. VERY10 impressive. so there’s this ESPA thingy and when i google-d it, it was a really fascinating spa. YUP. photos were really good. then one of the management person is one of those from SKAL. HAHA.

tomorrow got luncheon and i am really looking forward to it. YAY. good food and its interesing la. was supposed to go for RW interview at TP tmr. the lady called me today and she said she will call me but she didn’t call me lehhhh. then tmr how man….OMG. if not i’ll go back with Mr Yeo to TP for intro lecture lo SERIOUSLY. =.=

Resorts Op Guest Lecture

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