I was fined eating AT the Control Station instead of INSIDE the Train

I was given this Notification of Offence by the Customer Service Officer (CSO) by the name of OMAN for eating at the Control Station at Changi Airport MRT Station.

This is the offence paper that i got from the CSO:


This was how it went: I was eating all the way from the Police Pass Office at Terminal 2 walking all the way to the MRT Station eating my puff as I was feeling hungry. I was eating while on the way to the MRT station. When I came down from the escalator, I was still eating as I was thinking that I am not IN the TRAIN or ON the PLATFORM, so eating would not be a problem.

I HAVE NOT TAPPED my card YET so I can still eat RIGHT? cos the news and everything and that aunty which was caught eating her sweet: A lady commuter was recently fined $30 for eating a sweet during an MRT train ride to relieve motion sickness (see embedded video below). So it was DURING the RIDE and INSIDE the TRAIN. HELLO OSMAN? Are you BLIND??? I was eating OUTSIDE and NOT INSIDE THE TRAIN or ON the PLATFORM okay. I HAVE NOT TAPPED MY CARD, so I AM STILL AT THE CONCOURSE.  So I continued eating. As the news link above, it has also stated that it is INSIDE that you can’t eat, but why can’t I eat ON the Concourse? Then OSMAN came outside, asked me to give him my IC and asking me whether was I a singaporean or not? I was like HELLO ITS OUTSIDE LEH. I WAS EATING OUTSIDE I HAVE NOT TAPPED MY CARD OKAY. then he came pointed me that damn noticeboard No eating & Drinking FINE $500. Okay, and I was like SHIT, then he took my IC and copied all that CRAP above. WTF.

I have checked with one of the SMRT staff, she told me that PLATFORM = 月台 . So if its Airport’s context, as one comes down from the escalator, concourse and platform is together. I wasn’t eating ON the PLATFORM or IN the Train, so he SHOULD NOT FINE ME BECAUSE I AM EATING AT THE CONCOURSE AND NOT ON THE TRAIN as all the news article have all been reported so I SHOULD NOT BE FINED. WTF.

SMRT SHOULD GO FINE ALL THOSE WHO SMOKE, DRINK BUBBLE TEA AND LEAVE THEIR UNFINISHED drinks on the train. So do you mean that that aunty SHOULD BE fined for having a sweet in her mouth? HELLO she’s having MOTION SICKNESS LEH. Its not like having a sweet in the mouth would cause much unglam and dirtiniess on the train right?  We would not like throw sweet wrappers on the train or what one right? Although Singapore is known to be a clean and green city but this need to have some kind of extent to fine people right? So SMRT if you gonna fine anybody who has something in their mouth? Are you going to fine those tourists who chew gum in their mouth as well? Are you also going to fine babies who are breastfed by their mothers as well?

If you want to fine people, you should fine these people “Girl eating on MRT given a stern warning, says SMRT” instead of gving them a warning. If you want people to stop eating on trains, you should give constant reminders like what you always do like reminding people don’t cross over the yellow line. You should also remind commuters that if they consume on trains they are gonna be fined for that. SMRT Staff should also always BE ON THE GO and not SHAKE LEGS in the office and fine innocent people who really need something in their mouth, like drinking plain water or whatsoever.

there’s a chinese saying: 东西是死的,人是活的。it means things are dead, but people are living things. SO SMRT PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE AND THINK BEFORE YOU FINE. although the money goes to the government as PROFIT–TAXES under the P&L Statement.

now i understand why govt has lost touch with its people.
I was fined eating AT the Control Station instead of INSIDE the Train

6 thoughts on “I was fined eating AT the Control Station instead of INSIDE the Train

  1. Tsuyodino says:

    Interesting new ….

    so why smrt still building so many eateries at their station?
    Can help but feeling that this is a trap wor.
    Imagine you just buy a bubble tea and take a sip the moment you step out of the shop and YEa h …. SLAP YOU WITH A FINE!!!!

    anyway …. what aprrove this fine system anyway????/

    1. I totally agree with what you have said Tsuyodino! They are like building eateries around the station. Like Mr Bean, Bubble Tea Shops and all the funny funny F&B outlets. The world is just unfair lah. They should just go fine those who really eat in the train lahh

  2. jonah says:

    hi priscilla. i want to ask how it went after? did they fine you 500 sgd? i just experienced now also same situation as you were.

    1. Hello Jonah, I’m sorry to hear about this.

      First offence is $30. LTA will send a registered mail to your house then you will go to the AXS Machine to pay your fine.

      Hope this helps and be more careful the next time round. 🙂

      1. jonah says:

        yeah need to be extra careful next time. ur response really eased a bit of my worries. hopefully it will be same as ur one. thanks a lot!

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