LRM Amazing Race

LRM Amazing Race was really a success!

All thanks to the participants, facilitators and not forgetting ourselves!

thank you so much. Although it was a really small scale and we were worried at first cos there was only one group who reported but in the end 2k01 and 2k02 came. HAHA. THANK YOU! Everybody came and facils were all stationed at their own stations. Shimin, Corrine and myself were carrying the bottles walking from TAS to Siloso Beach. and NUS people were having some camp thingy. LOL.

It was really good that they ran for the games and stations. I think was really good. and it was really a waste that the others didn’t join. I guessed everybody had lots of fun and do continue to support the LRMIG. HAHA

I shall let the photos do the talking.


Shi Min and Myself — By Justin


Johan and Vincent at the LUGE


Serene, Fatin and Jasmine Ong outside Siloso Beach Resort


Charades going on at Dolphin Lagoon, 2k02 demoing the clue. HAHA. PATROTIC!


Winnie and Roy pointing at the Red Line bus which was leaving for school HAHAHAHA


2k01 with Justin and Karthik (and justin showing the BOO sign and with the 😀 face) FUNNY!


Justin with 2ko2


Yen Ling!

i guessed everybody had lots of fun HAHAHAHAHA.
DO continue to support the IG! YAY
LRM Amazing Race

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