So how was today?

Today was not too bad. Had an hour of Resorts Op. Ms Seow talked about our OPERA test, according to what she went through, practical wasn’t too bad. LOL. So if you put Jason Holidays or Sally Phang YOU ARE NOT WRONG. HAHA. YAY. In addition, she talked about internship and you can’t fire the boss, only till end of SIP then can fire the boss. LOL.

Now listening to the advertisement of CD-__ 抢先听 by YES 933 by Jia hui and Jia Fa. Jia Fa is super tall and looks wise not too bad. So sad that I did not manage to take photo with the Yes 933 Crew (chongqing, jiafa–except for jiahui la).

AM tutorial ended early thats why i’m here. tmr i’m going Luge alone!~ its okay. i don’t mind, at least its quieter cos nobody in my class wants to go although its like at a half price of $6?


IN conclusion, 不认输,不放弃,我要唱下去!(我要好好温习)
So how was today?

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