Last things.

Last Day, Last week, Last Duty.

This Semester seems to be the last for everything. I’m super sad that I’m changing class cos i really like my 2k07 clique: Wanling, Tsexin, Rahman, Rachael, Meiyan, Farah, Zhiwei and also all the other classmates.

Last day of TAS was also yesterday. but the appreciation dinner I guess everyone really enjoyed themselves very much. *THUMBS UP TO LRMIG* I REALLY LIKE THE VIDEO. LOL.

Later is also the Last Saturday duty for CYA. and I’m not continuing CYA and I feel sad cos I’m so gonna leave all my awesome CYA friends. 😦



this is really cool. HAHA


us with mr yeo


Sharmine and Justin!



Ms Seow!


Jessie, Tse Xin, Shi min and Pei Jun!

I shall go for CYA now.


Last things.

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