today was a loonnnngggg day.

Today was teachers day and saw a lot of teachers. Mr Foo, Mr Sekhar, Mrs Tan, 谢老师, 唐老师,Ms Santha, Mr Goh, etc…

Got married(Ms Santha), got pregnant(Ms Chin), got promoted(Mr Goh). Congrats!

and yup, I’m going back for Guides at East View on this coming thursday HAHA. Natalie and Joanna is the ACL and CL respectively. LOL. but too bad EVSSGG gonna close down after next year. LOL anyway, went with Xinyi’s exclassmates for lunch and Pepperlunch for $7.90 was a big sum of monay.

Wanling then came down to Pasir Ris to go to WWW to get the application form. YUP she’s coming to work with me HAHA.

Im going watch UP with Trish tmr + donate blood. LOL I think would be quite fun. Nothing much i guess, holidays are going to get REAL busy, and APEC haven’t call me lehhh


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