Blood Donation!!

Yesterday I had a long day with Trish, HAHA. But it was really cool. We went blood donation and Yes, its my first time donating blood, and its wasn’t so painful as I’ve thought to be. It was really interesting to donate blood. YUP and we went to SGH cos Trish wanted to buy her face cream and also I bought a bag there. And we wanted to go watch UP at Plaza Sing’s GV but the 4.40pm show for UP was selling fast, and the seats were damn bad. the front row seats. We specially went there and we didn’t get any good seats. In the end, we walked all the way to Orchard Road to Cathay then to Lido and yes, finally we got the tickets and good seats for the show. went to Pepperlunch for dinner and a medium popcorn for the movie. HAHA. this paragraph somehow concludes what happened yesterday.






Blood Donation!!

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