Today is a super sucky day

because, my camera is spoilt. the whole thing is S-P-O-I-L-T.

I CANNOT USE IT ANYMORE. and my brother reminded me about chingay. he was like HAHA YOU CANNOT USE IT FOR CHINGAY.

ok fuck big time


went to SSC HQ for Standard Chartered Marathon Volunteer Leader Interview. and bus-ed back. nothing special happened today:(

I saw this on FML:

Today, I was having lunch with my boyfriend and talking about how stressed out I’ve been because of my job. While I’m speaking, he pulls out his phone and says his boss is texting him and it was important. There was a game of Tetris reflecting onto his glasses from his phone. FML
and this
Today, a foreigner walked into my restaurant to pick up his pizzas. The bill was $25 and he gave me $30 and a 100 dollar bill. I gave him his change from the 30 and I didn’t understand so I gave him back the 100 dollars. He said “Well if you dont want it, okay.” He was gonna tip me $100. FML

Today is a super sucky day

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