The Yuck-iest food ever.

Today I went to work at WWW and Wanling came for interview. HAHA. I was really glad to see her and she’s gonna come and work with me there YAY.

I had lunch and the food court at Downtown East today and the most tasteless ever food that I’ve eaten was the Japanese food there. NEVER GO THERE  AND BUY THE JAPANESE FOOD FROM THERE. it is super tasteless. This afternoon I just had a craving for some bento set, but they didn’t have any, so I just got myself a chicken katsu don. It looked good, but taste wise was damn damn bad. It cost me $4.50. and it was so tasteless that I’m like no choice have to finish the food cos don’t waste food and $.

so my friends, never go there and eat cos the japanese food sux, it is ONLY the Japanese stall, but I’ve eaten from the other stalls and were pretty good.

Today work at WWW was pretty slack, it was to that extent that I was in the photo kiosk camwhoring and listening to my music until my phone battery went flat. (you see the point?)

some of the nicer photos took while i was slacking away…



I need a change of job! working at WWW is not challenging and not fun at all.(although the kids are really cute)

The Yuck-iest food ever.

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