Skal July Luncheon

SKAL July Luncheon

SKAL Singapore welcomed five new members to the big SKAL family during the luncheon at Grand Hyatt on Thursday, 30 July 2009. The new skalleagues Linda Wee from Goodwood Park Hotel , Loi Hai Poh from Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS) as well as the three recipients of the Paul Armstrong Scholarship, Stacey Soh, Leong Yan Ling and Priscilla Foo. The latter three were inducted into ‘Young SKAL’. Our sincere welcome to the new skalleagues and we look forward to seeing them more often in the future luncheons.

The young SKALs.

President Patrick Fiat announced during lunch that SKAL Singapore will be submitting an entry for the “SKAL Club of the Year” award. SKAL Singapore was the SKAL Club of the Year in 1981/82 and 1994/95. We hope to bag the honour again. Good luck to SKAL Singapore!

The motivation presenter who was supposed to speak during the session lost her voice. The President was motivated instead, to stand-in and share about his experiences on his recent trip to closed-door North Korea.

North Korea, a less than commonly visited country, has imposed strict guidelines for governing the tourists. The mobile phone of our President was confiscated at the airport and was only returned to him upon departure. He was also closely guarded during the trip.

President Fiat also expressed amazement at the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance, Arirang, recognised by the Guinness Book of Records, as the biggest mass game of its kind. Involving more than 100,000 North Korean citizens on the occasion of North Korean President Kim Jong-il’s birthday, the sychronised actions and split-second moves have been a fete in which toils of sweat have been shed and one in which hours of practices and dedication have been put in by the talents. It was indeed an eye-opener for him as he was brought behind the scene to witness the daily lives of citizens of the last hard communist country.

Doing the Kim Jong-iI wave the
french way.
The borders of North and South Korea.

To round off the luncheon, we would like to express a big thank you to Skalleague, Willi Martin, for the immaculate arrangement and warm hospitality.

This is on the Skal Singapore website. Had work today and I’m super tired and i’m adding more songs to my phone YAY

Skal July Luncheon

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