Today was just any other day.

and I’m feeling hungry. grrr…

I went for TBS Starburst… Its something like to attract O level school leavers to TP. so all the IGs in Temasek Biz School(TBS) need to create events to attract these selected students to TBS to have a feel how life is like in TP.

therefore, Shimin, Darren and myself went for the event. We were brainstorming but didn’t really know what to do cos we did not have an advisor with us. its not that we can’t do anything lah. hm anw, we only got a secretary, a finance head and a sub comm to do it. but i think quality is better than quantity.

aiya, anyway,

went for APEC classroom training today, and stayed from 11am to 3pm. but I need to go for a make up on Friday from 9am to 11am. cos the whole thing was 9am to 3pm. yup. the trainer shared stuff about the festivals in Singapore, tourism spots and all the service mindsets and stuff lah. kinda boring and Suling dozed off LOL. and i cannot stand it to the extent I went to Cheers and bought myself something to eat.

Finally Reborn episode 150 is out. and I have not watch a Millionstar yet. I shall not put that 6 chinese characters cos ppl keep googling on the Singapore participants and my stats for blog have increased due to this.

There’s UP YOUR SERVICE workshop tomorrow and Wednesday, Training comm for chingay tmr evening, Skal Luncheon on Thursday at Marina Mandarin with Yan Ling, APEC remaining training and project M consultation with Ms Sim on Friday and work on both days on weekends. I need to find time to go for typhoid injection!!


PS: I edited the Changi Simei YEC blog. I added in the shoutmix tagboard


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