FUNs for the past week

I haven’t been updating my wordpress cos i didn’t have anything to update about.

My body is aching cos of working too hard i guess?


Thursday was CYA Graduation and APEC Airport Site Recce. and its a stupid waste of time, if not for the training cert I WOULD NOT HAVE GONE for that and have the aunty to suan me lah.



Saturday was some NUS invitational run then LRM students went to help out lo. I went as Road Marshall and we were on the buggy. and Shimin’s friend Xian Li somehow fell off the buggy when the uncle made a turn at the bend and she was still laughing away when we were like are-you-okay-not? With road marshalls being situated at the various points, can you believe that someone even lost her way LOL. After the whole running ended, uncle came and fetch us(Shimin, XianLi and myself) and we were on the buggy back to sports complex and we went round the whole campus LOL and was seriously like a rollercoaster ride. HAHA. I was bored and i took photos of the campus at where I was standing.



Sunday – Launch of National Brisk Walking Club




Turf City Viewing gallery with all the Brisk Walkers
Turf City Viewing gallery with all the Brisk Walkers


Turf City Taken from the Track POV
Turf City Taken from the Track POV

Overall was quite a fun thing. cos the Turf CIty area is not a place that would allow people to walk on their tracks so it did really provided a good experience for people like me and my brothers and also all the other “commoners” to have a feel of how the New turf city is like. 🙂

and after that I went to Banquet to work. the table i was serving, there was this lady with super deep black eye rings. LOL I think she put very thick make up around her eyes and it was still very obvious that her eyes are still quite dark. i won’t want to be like her SORRY.

and just now I went through the dates for Chingay and I realised  the actual days are on the Study week. LIKE ZOMG. die sia. I really wonder how am I going to survive with that(GPA with only 3.5) man. Or should I even quit it? I don’t know. I will study harder and maintain well with school and chingay! I will do it! 😀

FUNs for the past week

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