Just any other day

These few days were as per normal. Nothing special happened. LOL. I’m here in school to do the Project M but only Karthik and Brina is here. So we spent time waiting for each other and now I’m using the computer to blog and watch videos LOL. I’m now watching Reborn episode 2 cos waiting for epi. 153 is such abore cos I need to wait for the person to upload. YUP.

email on SSM was sent yesterday so I went through the details and I guess I will survive that whole semester. Learning of hiragana nowadays  has been a bit slower cos now don’t have the heart to learn and write LOL. Anyway, I guess and I hope I would be able to cope well for the next semester and improve my GPA(cos i cannot afford to ####  any further).
#this is not a bad word

Dominic’s having his N’s like 3 days later, HOPE ALL GOES WELL FOR HIM and Darren  having PSLE as well HAHA.

For next week I’m going to work at WWW for almost the whole week like 12-8 on weekdays except for Tuesday(hoping to earn more $$$ before going back to school). Cos school reopening = buying of lecture notes and textbooks. 😦

I am so gonna prepare well for next semester cos got Chingay as I can’t afford to miss it cos its gonna be fun HAHAHAHAHAH. and not forgetting my GPA as well. 😀

PS: SEP SKAL Luncheon’s newsletter I’ll post it on another day cos its not on the website. I wrote most of the lines with Yanling HAHA. food was really good as usual HAHAHA

Just any other day

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