I’m regretting!!!

I regretted taking up the Mandai Project, I think I’m killing myself. 😦 I am supposed to do the SWOT and PESTEL analysis but I am now only at SWOT. OMG. Its the presentation later and … I asked Kok Keng, he told me to write what I think cos its more important that way.

Anyway, this Mandai Project is the Singapore Tourism Board(STB), has a blueprint that they want to develop Singapore and the Mandai area into another nature attraction and also complementing the current ongoing attractions like the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari.

Nowadays, I’m still busy with work. This week is the last week of holidays, went for BSC IG workshop yesterday. I thought I would like run off after a few hours, but I stayed till like 6 plus, and my whole group went off. and I went home drenched (I did not bring extra shirt to change). I might go to school later to print my SSM notes. and the notes are super thick i think. just the student guide alone would be 52 pages already.

Last thing, I thought I would be taking Level 2 Japanese for next semester(which is next week), I studied all the Hiragana. 😦 the French lecturer email-ed some stuff telling us to go buy some enrichment textbooks at $42. SO, i would be taking french instead of Japanese. OMG. I forgot like most of the French phrases.

and i enjoy my job of helping people and assisting them in need, but sometimes things don’t go my way at WWW.

and i hate that. esp S_ _ _ n

I’m regretting!!!

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