Just Awesome FOODS!

In addition to my last post, actually I’m wrong. cos I would be taking TWO LANGUAGES which is yes, JAPANESE and FRENCH. and textbooks for both languages cost me $102. SUPER SAD.:(

hm anyway, I found out something interesting at work. I think the westerners know how to pose for photos and their photos somehow looks better than Asians or rather Singaporeans. Look at the photos and you’ll know what I meant.



I went to Royal Plaza(RP) on Scotts for a Young SKAL Luncheon. It was really interesting. Ms Lynn Tan–Director of Marketing and Comm introduced myself and Yanling to the buffet restaurant: Carousel.

And photos were taken, like some excursion thingy, interesting cos I got to know how they operate and stuff like that. They have this action kitchen (if I don’t rmb wrongly), they cook and serve on the spot. so it shows that its fresh from the stove and oven. They serve international buffet with different types of cuisine. HAHA. Mr Patrick Fiat–GM of RP came over and talked to us abit. Its kinda cool cos management staff (back of house) get to go and eat at the restaurant, something like Club Med Bintan: the only difference is that the G.O.s sit and eat with the guests.. YUP anyway, food was really really good. and I think I’ll go back there for more HAHA. Value for $$$ 😀

Photos are with Lynn and I tried using a DSLR today. LOL. hope it turns out okay. HAHA

and shopping spree with Yanling and i think i spent more than 50 bucks. 😦 no more money for CDS textbooks.

(edited with photos)

Yan Ling!
Getting the desserts!
Getting the desserts!

Lynn with us showing pastries and cakes by Carousel
Lynn showing pastries and cakes by Carousel
Us with Ms Lynn and Mr Fiat :)
Us with Ms Lynn and Mr Fiat 🙂
and, my food!
and not forgetting, my food!

Just Awesome FOODS!

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