Service Skills Methodology

My friends have all been saying what SSM is tough, scary, tiring et cetera et cetera. BUT i don’t agree with them.

Initially I was quite afraid cos they said what there’s this Mr Goh there who screams at people(yes, there is) but actually SSM is really fun. Yup, so i had my SSM yesterday, woke up at 5, prepared and left the house at 6.40am. reached school at 7, with jacq, rach and yuenni. and i thought there might not be many people there, who knows the ladies was filled up with so many people. LOL. you don’t recognise them and you’ll like ask, eh XXX is it? cos everyone looks different with the hair bunned up, with makeup and super red lipstick. LOL. So, and we helped each other with attire, hair and everything, reminding each other you brought your stuff or not. The guys cut their hair, some even cut and shaved so much until you don’t even recognise them 😀

Everyone reported to Toptable, the whole atmosphere was quite strict, I just felt that the atmosphere 充满杀气 LOL. cos we didn’t know the lecturers there, except for Mr Daniel Chia. So anyway, there were still people who were late. and got scolding, of course. Somehow the whole morning was a lot of scolding but towards the noon time is more of learning and information. very interesting, got a tour around TCA, needed to know where are stuffs located at and what kinda plate for whate kinda occasion. and I’m super impressed with the tasting studio cos I find it really interesting. very cosy, very clean. HAHA. culinary theatre is also good, I went in once cos of APAC CHRIE youth conference HAHA.

after lunch was what i forgot. but after that was the carrying tray thingy, and that was the only part that everyone had a good laugh about it. it wasn’t so tensed and everyone was laughing away. HAHA. we tried carrying bricks and bottles as well. HAHA. and I even tried to use that big oval tray to carry 10 bricks. I made it. but it resulted it a blue black at my left shoulder( I just realised only) LOL.

but overall SSM was fun and I’m looking forward to the next one, if you’re punctual, everything should be OKAY. 😀

Service Skills Methodology

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