SPOOKTACULAR WAS REALLY A BIG BLAST. I seriously enjoy every single bit of it. although we are not paid, it is really worth the fun and laughter. Many friends were made and you get to see those that are being scared by our fellow mates, it can be really funny LOL. The last two days were raining like mad, and the queue of course were also very long as well. Especially the last day, its like all the way to the butterfly park entrance LOL. Everyone was self entertaining and took photos with our ghouls. HAHA. people were being scared and they were all like running about HAHA.

I shall let the photos do the talking instead.


Jamie and all during makeup.

Sharlene--Chinese Bride having her face painted

Dyea after makeup
Edmond and Jovy

Ghouls having fun?
Ghouls having fun?

The boy whom i took care of for a while. super afraid of all the ghouls LOL
attacked by the ghoul 'doctor' and 'nurse'
Huishan and Myself: Inside IOS
Huishan and myself: inside IOS
Super random pic during the walk inside IOS

31 october:

Witch-yenling and myself

Guests that came in their fancy costumes


and school’s back. and i’m having some problems with ticketing.OMGawd. why isn’t ticketing like Opera so easy? 😦


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