I’m just feeling moody :/

I have no idea why i’m feeling moody. maybe due to the fact that I have a lot of things due next week.

– like presentation for Mandai Project (which I’ve done like on Friday)

– Hosting Module online quiz for SSM which starts like tomorrow.( I went through the whole thing way before school started)

– Hiragana test next Wednesday( I’ve studied the whole of Hiragana like during school holiday and somehow like understood what the whole thing is about)

-SSM ( which i really need to pass my grooming cos i don’t want my hair to feel like biscuits in the end i don’t pass my grooming like wtf.)

-the Hospi and Admin talk at NTU which Mr Pang really want me to go for it– which means that i have to miss SSM and prof test 2 part 2 then if i go make up on tuesday SSM with the TCC people, i’ll need to make up for acct and MICE tut, MICE can go crash but acct tut cannot cos got BESE make up workshop-which is like so dumb cos of Hari Raya Haji

-i didn’t know that i was supposed to go for APEC  for 3 days thinking that i only have 1 day shift like might as well don’t go and waste my time there, but in the end i got like fthree days to go. and i missed that damn opportunity and wasted like almost half and whole day going for training and airport recee-i hope that they at least give me my training cert.

– my desktop keeps on crashing –although its doing okay now and i need to go get a laptop but i don’t feel like spending money on it, cos i want to wait for IT fair then buy and its like just three weeks away. :S

-i want to go donate blood at TP, but i can’t cos i can only donate like next month as i’m lazy to travel all the way to outram just to get my blood donated.

-BESE project dued like END OF THE MONTH-23 NOV 2009,9AM. and I hope that my group is seriously doing something about it.

i don’t really trust some of them. 😦

and i really need to talk to someone! can someone like just tell me what to do? :S

life sucks when things just don’t go the way that you want it to be.
anw life is unfair, you can’t blame anyone. 😦
I’m just feeling moody :/

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