a post about today

HELLOOO. its been quite some days since I blogged.

Past few days had been really fun. I shall start talking from Wednesday since its SSM.

before roll call started, those whom were at Sugarloaf and Toptable prepared for their operations and those at TCC (ppl like me) were like wondering are we still going to take our grooming check at toptable cos everyone was like rushing in and out. when i saw them preparing for operations, I felt happy for them cos they could put what ever they had learnt the past few weeks on practice which is really good. and when i said this, rachael was like saying, ” eh you like total sarcasm.” but i felt good for them. 🙂

and YES, i passed grooming. YAYNESS. then yanling was made the headwaiter randomly cos our headwaiter(shawn low) went for TP Rawks instead of SSM. anyway, the whole lot of the TCC peeps spent our time doing wine service for the prof test which is like next week. I got white wine–which means need to be faster cos there are more steps to be followed than the serving of red wine. I volunteered to do the demo for the serving of wine which i thought was pretty cool although i made lots of mistakes like LOL. Learn from mistakes. and did a dry run and  i was pretty fast with like 3mins10s 😀 but still got some mistakes LOL.

then we all were like playing with the wine thingy, opening and corking the bottle. and the uncorking of wine need to be very fast so that you can keep to the timing. 😀 and yes, SSM does require lots of discipline and i really like the Wednesday SSM ppl cos we are very cool. 😀 heard that Toptable had full house but it went pretty well and smoothly(which was really good)

Japanese class as usual and i was like finally understand what sinseh was talking about. -.-


had BESE make up class for some friday i think (anw, i forgot lah) today i passed grooming check for BESE. HEHE. i almost forgot my blazer man LOL. i did my hair like SSM and last minute lip gloss and like luckily LOL.

had power nap for 30 minutes after helping my dad with his own personal survey. and went for the DPA student leaders IG thingy. met some LRM DPA students with like only 4 and with good food. today’s french class was really interesting HEHE.

i think life’s really awesome as of now.:D

something that was interesting which was taught this morning during BESE:

Why are Singaporean service providers friendlier towards Westerners than towards fellow Singaporeans?

singaporeans are normally more kiasu and like think they super impt and think they pay that small amt of money then they require a lot and quite rude(some)towards the service providers. but westerners are different, cos they are more friendlier towards svc providers and of course, people do reciprocate. and what goes around comes around. as long as you treat people well, people will of course treat you well.

 i think BESE is really interesing. 🙂 although i’m like going to miss 2 MICE lectures…-.-

a post about today

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