a hectic week to go

HOHO. okay, I shall spend time talking about what happened this past few days. anyway, there’s nothing much that happened these past few days, except that very interesting part of the seniors coming down to talk about their internship on last Saturday, especially the overseas one, which made everyone really looking forward to it. but the applying for it, is really really troublesome. i shall not trouble myself and i will stay in Singapore. HAHA. I’m planning to go over to Resorts World cos i think its pretty cool to be part of the opening of such a huge resort,  a multi-billion resort in Singapore.

After that, I went to work and i missed chingay training for the day cos of the internship briefing. and i will go next two weeks during mid sem break cos these two weeks are really hectic weeks. -.-

(ok, no link)

On Sunday, mom went off to work in the early morning but didn’t forget to cook a wonderful soup for me, my dad and my brother. LOL and my dad whipped up a good and simple meal which tasted really awesome HAHA. ok, i can say that my dad cooks at work AND AT HOME!! hahahaha.

nothing happened much today, except that i was a bit lost in the early part of the day(maybe due to lack of sleep), had ticketing lesson and the most impt thing is that although i went to school quite early today but i forgot to go sign up for the prof test 1 which is on next week. (yes its mid sem next week and i’ve yet to study for accounting!) and LRM ppl are really super kiasu. cos all slots have been taken up. and i shall go take up the tuesday one after accounting test. I just want to get it over and done with cos its really dumb to go to school just for a while and do up your hair and then poof, thats end of test.

yup. i’m not done with acct tutorial and i shall go do it.



a hectic week to go

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