Sugarloaf Headwaitress for the Day

LOL. today is like finally the last day of 2009. and today would be the last day that i can write the number 2009. as from tmr onwards, i would need to write 2010. LOL. I hope 2010 would be real happening. 😀

yes, so i was the sugarloaf headwaitress for the day. yes, i had lots of fun and learnt  alot. LOL. if i have the chance i would wanna do headwaitress again LOL. its a lot about managing and asking people to do work. and i cannot don’t do work and look at other do, if not i’ll feel quite uneasy.

what i’ve achieved and done for the year 2009.

got my own laptop
studied at TAS
worked at a headwaiter at Sugarloaf
graduated from CYA
participated in Chingay 2009
stayed up overnight to volunteer Stan Chart Marathon 2009
got into the DHL list
did Mandai project during holidays
interest in museums which i never had in my life
have more wisdom
passed grooming for SSM (although i only failed once)

omg. can’t think of any.

anyway, new year resolutions:

more $$$
new wishes
more wisdom
slim down
hate chocolate (thats insane!)
secure internship ASAP
have fun
diploma with merit
fun fun fun


Sugarloaf Headwaitress for the Day

post cruise trip syndrome

went for a Super Star Libra Cruise Trip few days back. superbly awesome. if i got the money i will go on a cruise again. 🙂

on the cruise its really eat, sleep, entertainment, disco, magic shows. then disco, eat, drink, acrobatic shows, sleep. wah. if life is like this, can seriously die of fat-ness 肥死 (is there such a word?)

went for RWS training. HR there was quite cui cos they don’t have everything finalized. what happened to me and alicia ytd was a really long story. told people like yanling, yenling, robert and mom. want to know please ask me cos its not very nice to write here.  but it was somehow solved today. both alicia and myself is in Park Services instead of myself in AO and alicia in Park Services. Yoke Jin in Attractions Ops. these two days at RWS at Pandan Gardens saw many familiar faces and made new friends, from TP,  from NYP, from HTM, saw Karen and Angela this afternoon during lunch break. but i like RWS’ corporate culture. one can clearly see that everyone treats everyone nicely and this should what service be like right?

Anyway, I sent my resume again to RWS, Marina Bay Sands and STB cos the USS Experential Program doesn’t seem to be a confirmed one, what more to talk about SIP. although we would be given priority, it does not mean that I would be able to intern at RWS, so i just sent in my resume to those listed on ole-bb cos i do not want to repeat after 3.2 for internship and somemore have to pay school fees. so dumb. -.- at least i’m employed as a casual and if i want i still can join as full time when i graduate or what? but i would really love to intern at RWS if possible lah of course. i got called down for an interview with Marina Bay Sands for the VIP thingy LOL. quite cool i think and the person i/c could not get me cos my phone batt was empty. and i need to go make up for mice and acct tut cos the interview’s at 11.30 at mountbatten LOL. lucky i know how to go cos was grandma’s ex-house (before she left for punggol)

Yoke Jin told me that she is still in the post cruise trip syndrome. as in the eat sleep thingy. no mood to do anything. 😦 but no choice have to do, and i’m glad that i’m really doing smth about my MICE accommodation cos i did not have any idea how to do it at first. my playlist keeps on repeating the same few songs. boring…

tomorrow would be a better day. i might be going out with edmond and all? i have no idea. see how first bah. sorry i was bit 泼冷水towards them. 🙂

post cruise trip syndrome

marks deducted ;(

this photo looks so cute. 😀

anyway, finished exams already. haha. it was quite screwed up in the early part of it cos of the form and everything and i got 5 marks deducted for my prof test 1 cos i forgot to cut my nails. mistakes here and there and i think i might be able to pass.

clearing of plates was okay, but i forgot to put the cutleries and clear the debris and marks deducted.the crumbling down was totally wrong. so marks gone.

then serving of  food and the mocktail, i forgot the coaster and the straw-marks deducted. i could not hold the waiter’s cloth so i did not want to waste time so i just served-marks deducted.

the setting of table was a bit wrong cos i used appetizer knife for butter knife. -.-

went to work and it was Dunman High’s D’Prom 2009 for their yr 6 people. LOL. the girls and guys looked great and the program that had wasn’t too bad lah. the seniors and all got to enjoy and have fun but the organisers didn’t 😦 wah then if next time the current LRMIG is going to organise for ourselves then we won’t get to have fun and take photos cos we need to manage everyone and the event(thats so sad) how good if the yr2(when we are in yr3) can do it for us. 🙂

SIP is opened for application and i’m eyeing on resorts world. gonna check with the joel guy tmr about whether i need to send in application for the park ops department or else ppl take liao then there’s no more for me. so thats all for now. field trip to corporate travel agency tmr and its cruise trip next week yay.

marks deducted ;(

Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009


yes, i went for the standard chartered marathon and helped out as a Route Marshall. I was at Sector A4. which covered from the junction in front of  Ritz Carlton to the bend at Singapore Flyer. I was standing in the middle of that route then i moved to the bus stop at Esplanade.

My parents both signed up for the event, together with me was Denise. We took the shuttle bus at Tampines MRT station that took us to Padang. We settled there and collected our Volunteers’ Pack and there I saw familiar faces like Janna, Joyce, Candice, Serene, Jasmine Ong and another girl from LRM (i didn’t know her name, but she was first week tuesday headwaitress at toptable). They were helping out as the Volunteer Welfare. HAHA. anyway, Germaine and Weiwei from Changkat Primary was there as well. I made few friends which was from SP but didn’t get their numbers. HAHA.

We sat around and yes in the middle of the road and slept there as well. The run took off at 5.30am.

photos that were taken before 5.30am

and myself of course
1 km more!
this was where i was sitting from my area
full marathon runners! LOL this one looks like Mr shum. but i didn't see him at all LOL
and more to come!~

there were reps from NUS, Monash Uni, Standard Chartered, and many more. LOL.

the first few runners that was back. he's not the first one. 😦
and people started coming back

TP Blazers were there to cheer the runners! LOL

tired? finish it man!

on the way back!
Lina- VL with the loudhaler. we were waiting to collect our 20$ LOL

Standard Chartered was fun overall. LOL> guess what? i saw Mr Daniel Chia and Ms Joan. Mr Chia came at around 8 plus and Ms joan at 9. LOL. I was quite surprised to see them cos they don’t look like they do a lot of running. well, never judge a book by its cover. haha.

I had fun and i guess my mom did. my dad went home at 7am which was rather wasted LOL. and as usual there were alot of nescafe canned ones and i took home HAHA. there was a guy who took two bagfulls okay, so i’m not so kiasu and he did.

i need to go study accts. wish me good luck people! 😀

Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009

LRM Inaugural Music Festival

Hello there! the major event that I was talking about is the two events that happened the past few days: LRM Inaugural Music Festival and Singapore Standard Chartered Mathon that was on 6 December.

LRMIG was the organisers for the event and I was the helpeer for the SCSM 2009.

LRM Inaugural Music Fest

Friday was just any other day, still went for lecture and had the BESE test which was quite ‘gone case’ i think. anyway, it was raining quite badly on Friday. the year 1s were having some commskills 2 submission and those from 1k07 backed out when they all signed up as helpers. from the whole list of 15(if i’m not wrong) the whole class from 07 backed out cos they said they had to finish their projects and had to go home and study for mid sem. so if it is it, they should not have even signed up in the first place. -.-

but luckily our yr 2s were really really kind to help us out. those that came and helped were zhihao, zhiwei, mango, su ling, yenling and Roy; from my class there were: nico, pawan, leeshen and sorry if i did not mention your name. a really BIG thank you to all of you! and then we were all moving tables and chairs up and down. and also not forgetting the year one subcomms you were all really awesome! 😀

Setting up at the Koi pond/ Tri Garden
Pawan, Myself and Nico. and yes they came to help! 😀
Chelsie and Jasmine. 🙂
Setting up!
Huimei and Kimberly
Huimei and Myself!


it looked really nice down there but we had to move up cos of the rain 😦
all working hard with the banner and the amount of people up there tells you everything 🙂

and then the rain was so badly that everything had to be moved outside library, the food, stage, drums, sound system, everything. but everyone with the volunteers worked hand in hand and brought everything up and from the pictures later you could see how everyone enjoyed themselves 😀

shijie and chih hao
shijie, myself and leeshen
roy, zhiwei, shijie, DJ, xinjie and myself! 😀
just the same old few peeps only that it was a bit dark at the back
the year 1s that came and help with some of subcomm peeps here in the picture (jovy, amelia, dyea and zoe)
the show started with the yr3 band which was really really good. far far better than (fill in the blank)

and the songs followed up and performances were really good. the year 3 singers like Rina and Sarah was really good. 😀

LRM Inaugural Music Festival