LRM Inaugural Music Festival

Hello there! the major event that I was talking about is the two events that happened the past few days: LRM Inaugural Music Festival and Singapore Standard Chartered Mathon that was on 6 December.

LRMIG was the organisers for the event and I was the helpeer for the SCSM 2009.

LRM Inaugural Music Fest

Friday was just any other day, still went for lecture and had the BESE test which was quite ‘gone case’ i think. anyway, it was raining quite badly on Friday. the year 1s were having some commskills 2 submission and those from 1k07 backed out when they all signed up as helpers. from the whole list of 15(if i’m not wrong) the whole class from 07 backed out cos they said they had to finish their projects and had to go home and study for mid sem. so if it is it, they should not have even signed up in the first place. -.-

but luckily our yr 2s were really really kind to help us out. those that came and helped were zhihao, zhiwei, mango, su ling, yenling and Roy; from my class there were: nico, pawan, leeshen and sorry if i did not mention your name. a really BIG thank you to all of you! and then we were all moving tables and chairs up and down. and also not forgetting the year one subcomms you were all really awesome! 😀

Setting up at the Koi pond/ Tri Garden
Pawan, Myself and Nico. and yes they came to help! 😀
Chelsie and Jasmine. 🙂
Setting up!
Huimei and Kimberly
Huimei and Myself!


it looked really nice down there but we had to move up cos of the rain 😦
all working hard with the banner and the amount of people up there tells you everything 🙂

and then the rain was so badly that everything had to be moved outside library, the food, stage, drums, sound system, everything. but everyone with the volunteers worked hand in hand and brought everything up and from the pictures later you could see how everyone enjoyed themselves 😀

shijie and chih hao
shijie, myself and leeshen
roy, zhiwei, shijie, DJ, xinjie and myself! 😀
just the same old few peeps only that it was a bit dark at the back
the year 1s that came and help with some of subcomm peeps here in the picture (jovy, amelia, dyea and zoe)
the show started with the yr3 band which was really really good. far far better than (fill in the blank)

and the songs followed up and performances were really good. the year 3 singers like Rina and Sarah was really good. 😀

LRM Inaugural Music Festival

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