Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009


yes, i went for the standard chartered marathon and helped out as a Route Marshall. I was at Sector A4. which covered from the junction in front of  Ritz Carlton to the bend at Singapore Flyer. I was standing in the middle of that route then i moved to the bus stop at Esplanade.

My parents both signed up for the event, together with me was Denise. We took the shuttle bus at Tampines MRT station that took us to Padang. We settled there and collected our Volunteers’ Pack and there I saw familiar faces like Janna, Joyce, Candice, Serene, Jasmine Ong and another girl from LRM (i didn’t know her name, but she was first week tuesday headwaitress at toptable). They were helping out as the Volunteer Welfare. HAHA. anyway, Germaine and Weiwei from Changkat Primary was there as well. I made few friends which was from SP but didn’t get their numbers. HAHA.

We sat around and yes in the middle of the road and slept there as well. The run took off at 5.30am.

photos that were taken before 5.30am

and myself of course
1 km more!
this was where i was sitting from my area
full marathon runners! LOL this one looks like Mr shum. but i didn't see him at all LOL
and more to come!~

there were reps from NUS, Monash Uni, Standard Chartered, and many more. LOL.

the first few runners that was back. he's not the first one. 😦
and people started coming back

TP Blazers were there to cheer the runners! LOL

tired? finish it man!

on the way back!
Lina- VL with the loudhaler. we were waiting to collect our 20$ LOL

Standard Chartered was fun overall. LOL> guess what? i saw Mr Daniel Chia and Ms Joan. Mr Chia came at around 8 plus and Ms joan at 9. LOL. I was quite surprised to see them cos they don’t look like they do a lot of running. well, never judge a book by its cover. haha.

I had fun and i guess my mom did. my dad went home at 7am which was rather wasted LOL. and as usual there were alot of nescafe canned ones and i took home HAHA. there was a guy who took two bagfulls okay, so i’m not so kiasu and he did.

i need to go study accts. wish me good luck people! 😀

Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2009

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