marks deducted ;(

this photo looks so cute. 😀

anyway, finished exams already. haha. it was quite screwed up in the early part of it cos of the form and everything and i got 5 marks deducted for my prof test 1 cos i forgot to cut my nails. mistakes here and there and i think i might be able to pass.

clearing of plates was okay, but i forgot to put the cutleries and clear the debris and marks deducted.the crumbling down was totally wrong. so marks gone.

then serving of  food and the mocktail, i forgot the coaster and the straw-marks deducted. i could not hold the waiter’s cloth so i did not want to waste time so i just served-marks deducted.

the setting of table was a bit wrong cos i used appetizer knife for butter knife. -.-

went to work and it was Dunman High’s D’Prom 2009 for their yr 6 people. LOL. the girls and guys looked great and the program that had wasn’t too bad lah. the seniors and all got to enjoy and have fun but the organisers didn’t 😦 wah then if next time the current LRMIG is going to organise for ourselves then we won’t get to have fun and take photos cos we need to manage everyone and the event(thats so sad) how good if the yr2(when we are in yr3) can do it for us. 🙂

SIP is opened for application and i’m eyeing on resorts world. gonna check with the joel guy tmr about whether i need to send in application for the park ops department or else ppl take liao then there’s no more for me. so thats all for now. field trip to corporate travel agency tmr and its cruise trip next week yay.

marks deducted ;(

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