post cruise trip syndrome

went for a Super Star Libra Cruise Trip few days back. superbly awesome. if i got the money i will go on a cruise again. 🙂

on the cruise its really eat, sleep, entertainment, disco, magic shows. then disco, eat, drink, acrobatic shows, sleep. wah. if life is like this, can seriously die of fat-ness 肥死 (is there such a word?)

went for RWS training. HR there was quite cui cos they don’t have everything finalized. what happened to me and alicia ytd was a really long story. told people like yanling, yenling, robert and mom. want to know please ask me cos its not very nice to write here.  but it was somehow solved today. both alicia and myself is in Park Services instead of myself in AO and alicia in Park Services. Yoke Jin in Attractions Ops. these two days at RWS at Pandan Gardens saw many familiar faces and made new friends, from TP,  from NYP, from HTM, saw Karen and Angela this afternoon during lunch break. but i like RWS’ corporate culture. one can clearly see that everyone treats everyone nicely and this should what service be like right?

Anyway, I sent my resume again to RWS, Marina Bay Sands and STB cos the USS Experential Program doesn’t seem to be a confirmed one, what more to talk about SIP. although we would be given priority, it does not mean that I would be able to intern at RWS, so i just sent in my resume to those listed on ole-bb cos i do not want to repeat after 3.2 for internship and somemore have to pay school fees. so dumb. -.- at least i’m employed as a casual and if i want i still can join as full time when i graduate or what? but i would really love to intern at RWS if possible lah of course. i got called down for an interview with Marina Bay Sands for the VIP thingy LOL. quite cool i think and the person i/c could not get me cos my phone batt was empty. and i need to go make up for mice and acct tut cos the interview’s at 11.30 at mountbatten LOL. lucky i know how to go cos was grandma’s ex-house (before she left for punggol)

Yoke Jin told me that she is still in the post cruise trip syndrome. as in the eat sleep thingy. no mood to do anything. 😦 but no choice have to do, and i’m glad that i’m really doing smth about my MICE accommodation cos i did not have any idea how to do it at first. my playlist keeps on repeating the same few songs. boring…

tomorrow would be a better day. i might be going out with edmond and all? i have no idea. see how first bah. sorry i was bit 泼冷水towards them. 🙂

post cruise trip syndrome

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