Sugarloaf Headwaitress for the Day

LOL. today is like finally the last day of 2009. and today would be the last day that i can write the number 2009. as from tmr onwards, i would need to write 2010. LOL. I hope 2010 would be real happening. 😀

yes, so i was the sugarloaf headwaitress for the day. yes, i had lots of fun and learnt  alot. LOL. if i have the chance i would wanna do headwaitress again LOL. its a lot about managing and asking people to do work. and i cannot don’t do work and look at other do, if not i’ll feel quite uneasy.

what i’ve achieved and done for the year 2009.

got my own laptop
studied at TAS
worked at a headwaiter at Sugarloaf
graduated from CYA
participated in Chingay 2009
stayed up overnight to volunteer Stan Chart Marathon 2009
got into the DHL list
did Mandai project during holidays
interest in museums which i never had in my life
have more wisdom
passed grooming for SSM (although i only failed once)

omg. can’t think of any.

anyway, new year resolutions:

more $$$
new wishes
more wisdom
slim down
hate chocolate (thats insane!)
secure internship ASAP
have fun
diploma with merit
fun fun fun


Sugarloaf Headwaitress for the Day

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