2010 gonna be an awesome year!

so far i’m doing so good. well, one week has passed again. and i’ve like not doing  much revision. hm anyway, having backachesand legaches here and there cos of ytd’s chingay training. was quite fun, made new friends again. and also saw Audrey from Changkat Pri, yes she’s in chingay. got ben and jerry’s vanilla, had leftovers and tahpao-ed home HAHA. and also got pretty sunburnt on my face

went to catch Avatar 3D just now. this is the first time i’m watching a movie for the second time. i watched a non-3d then a 3d one. got a good seat and the 3d effects were really cool. 😀 but dozed off a bit and thats the reason people say do not watch the same movie twice..

adding on to my 2010 new year resolutions:
pull up my gpa to at least a 3.6
get internship like ASAP (cos nobody asked me down for interview 😦 )
everything goes well like how I want it to be

I’m looking forward to end sem break cos I want to catch up more movies online. HEHE. watched Night at the Museum 2 and Coco Avant Chanel yesterday night.

Next week gonna be a tough and busy week, trainings and TP Open house but i’m going to pull it through and i’ll make an effort to go for chingay training at least one a week. :D:D

PS: i’m doing cake counter this wednesday! 😀 come look for me 😀 at Sugarloaf!


One thought on “2010!

  1. you’re awesome!!! your time management very (Y). Okay I shall add in my 2010 resolutions that I’ll squeeze time out for some stuffs here and there.

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