Do we still need to go for that 10 years of education?

This week has been not too bad.

had SSM yesterday. was in charge of cake counter with Jacq, made lots of mistakes and got lots of scolding by Mr Malik and Mr Chong about the directions of the placing of  cakes and all. wah then its like so long already not done. then cake sales was so bad yesterday and the chefs in the bakery was like saying,” why are there still many cakes left?” Everyone headed to Hot Food counter and nobody wanted to buy, there’s nothing i can do what. if the guest wants to buy, of course i will let him buy what. but anw i learnt a lot about the contrasting and arrangement of cakes.

I’m the headwaiter for Top Table Execution week. a lot of them said i’m like commiting suicide. somehow i am, i think. but i hope everyone would do well and of course good grades after that. that means i must know every little single thing about it -.- omgosh. but those single things that one could notice would make that someone very successful after that, cos they look into details 🙂

Chingay weekday training was held yesterday, and i did manage to go because there was no Japanese class but i have not done any revision yet

Had TP Open House today, volunteered as B-guides which was really boring. for the whole day i only managed to bring one grp for a complete tour. like super waste my time. i should have helped with the LRM booth. anw, i’m doing it tmr.saw Bernard and kids and teachers from East View and Chingay khakis like Kailing and Vinod and those from Anderson Sec Dance Grp H.

Talked to Mrs Ng abit and explained to her what I was studying in TP. and she was like saying,” you are studying everything in poly that is related to the industry. so its like you all don’t need to go for sec/pri school right?” somehow yes, its quite true cos we don’t really study anything related. people in sec sch and JC still study like what English, Maths and Science subjects. but its not so relevant to whatever you’re studying in sch.

like what i normally say last time, if you go Engineering, then you’ll need to know Physics and Amaths; if you want to enter a Science School, you’ll need all your pure and non-pure sciences. its like in my case, there’s nothing much relevant to what i’ve studied in sec sch. its only if i wanna take Biz Calculus, it would really require Amaths. if not you don’t even need it at all. but anyway, this is what i think. it’s up to one how one thinks. this is quite subjective. nevertheless, I did enjoy Primary and Secondary School as part and parcel of School Life. With all the skills i’ve learnt in school last time, it did help somehow. 🙂 (Y)

Do we still need to go for that 10 years of education?

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