week not gone to waste

Yes, my Friday, Saturday and Sunday did not go to waste at all.

Friday I was helping as student councillor for LRM. repeated same whole old thing to the O level and Sec4 Students. super information overload. but those who were really interested, they did ask questions and i did manage to answer those (which was good). and Mr Tai was there and Jessie and myself clarified a lot of questions about Execution week at SSM. Students can be rotated around and all. and i think i’ve disseminated the somehow wrong info down which was really dumb -.- but at least i got an idea what they wanna do. anyway, I can really say that my Friday did not go to waste cos i did help those students despite the feet pain standing on heels for 5 hours?

Saturday (which is today), i met Alicia to go for OJT (on job training) to USS Park Services. I was late and made Alicia to wait for me for like half an hour cos i overslept to Redhill and not dropping at Outram. Lunch provided was good food, training included an insight of what we do at Park Svcs. yes, cleaning up and sweeping floor aka sweeper and TCC not Temasek Convention Centre but its Trash Control Crew (yes sorry I forgot). despite that, we got a ride on Enchanted Airways, saw cousin Elaine there. She was in her Hollywood Theatre (HWT) uniform when i saw her when i finished lunch. There was a park tour by our area manager  and staff which was really really  cool. The group of us were like tourists, especially me. cos i was like taking photos and wow-ing away. yes if you want an insight of how USS looks like, please come and look for me, I’ll show you the photos but I won’t post it online cos I am not allowed to. It is just for personal usage only. 😀

Yup, I’m going to sleep, cos my eyes are falling apart. shall update more and I will start to study acct once i get a seat on the train tmr morning. good luck and good night peeps! 😀

PS: Protein Spill = Vomit

week not gone to waste

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