Somehow just found the way HERE!

LOL. I have been looking at the searches on my wordpress. LOL. those who googled their “whatever” that somehow just landed on my wordpress. I just want to comment about this. no offence to those i mentioned down here. 😀

I think i helped PAYM Chingay 2010 to market abit on their participants recruitment. LOL

and i think Mr Daniel Chia and Mr Malik found their way here also. cos they googled their name. the most recent one yesterday was “ssm” “sugarloaf” and “mr malik”. there were also a lot of times i think mr chia googled his own name? LOL

no offence though: mr malik and mr chia. both of you are good service instructors. seriously 😀 😀
*please do leave a comment if you see this Mr Malik and Mr Chia* LOL

School has been good so far. secured myself an internship with USS-Park Services with Alicia. LOL. and my first day of work at Park Services starts tmr. but as a casual only so don’t be too shock okay. yes, i converted my casual to internship. BESE test just now was very SSM. LOL. and yes i learnt alot the last ssm at Top Table. It is really VERY different from what I have experienced. so yeah good luck to me next two weeks plus execution week. I need to rearrange the roster thingy =.=

thats all for now. BESE later.  TGIF. Vivement les weekends! 😀

Somehow just found the way HERE!

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