UPside Down

i have something that is making me feeling upside down =.=

MY JAPANESE SCRIPT IS NOT DONE. =.= i really need to do something about it. i need to introduce myself to the teacher. and the only line that i can remember other than all the hajimemashite watashiwa purishira desu, dozo yoroshiku is omoshiiroi kara katekyoshi hitoman reborn daisuki desu. (means i like Katekyoshi hitman reborn becos it is interesting). I’m gonna die. =.= SHYTE.

bese ip submitted, acct tut and mice tut done. i was the only one in my class who attended the CVB MICE lecture. i did my research and i’m done with it. HAHA i think ms chern would be happy about it.

I am going to start acct revision on sunday when i get back from work after i’m done my jap script =.=

i really don’t like my jap tutor. seriously.

Did Bar at Toptable with Nico. It was really really fun, its not just the partner that i worked with, its also the job that was fun. learned how to make latte that looked good and tasted good as well, and you really need some skills in doing that. 🙂

doing headwaiter next week with Jasmine Chi, wish me good luck! 😀 cos i need to prepare myself for the execution week so i need to get myself familiarised with everything that is in toptable.  and i need to get everyone geared up for their roles and all. and peer evaluation i need to evaluate many people =.= but quite a few i didn’t really work much with them. hopefully the scores are good enough, cos its a team thingy.

i’m only left with less than 6 hours of sleep. cos i need to wake up at 5.30 to prepare, meet james at 6.30 to go for work at 8am. uh, i might sleep on the train, but it doesn’t seem nice? i shall see how. dinner with 407 at 6pm tmr.


UPside Down

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