After exams on wednesday,  went out with Vivi to catch up a bit.

and Thursday to now was work la LOL. different day got different meaning 😀

Thursday was Back of House Tour of USS. Woke up at 5 to prepare to go for work at 7.30 AM. All of us went around looking at where were the restrooms located and all. Yes, there are outside contractors to wash those restrooms, and our job is to check whether did they wash it clean and also look at the defects that are available so that we can repair and prepare for the grand opening (which i seriously do not know when is it). We went to BOH and saw the props for hollywood stars like marilyn monroe, betty boop, charlie chaplin’s hat, etc.

monroe and boop's wigs

 chaplin's hat and wig


It was a lot of walking and also to familiarise ourselves with all the attractions and all. 😀

Friday – Case Study

It was also a lot of walking around. We all went to attractions, retail, restaurants to get a better understanding of what they sell and have so that we can tell our guests. It was also really fun as we got to make friends with those from the F&B  and retail. and there was this aunty from Celebrity Cafe who was really funny she said she saw me before and I only like recognise her that very day LOL. I was also looking at the land yards and also the merchandise inside so that i can just buy and not hesitate to buy it or not. anyway, staffs got 15% d/c HOHO. some photos i took.

 Hollywood China Bistro IMG00075-20100226-1249 IMG00076-20100226-1249 IMG00077-20100226-1302 IMG00078-20100226-1302 with the watermelon specs at Derby's Hat IMG00086-20100226-1318 IMG00088-20100226-1320 IMG00090-20100226-1322 IMG00091-20100226-1322 IMG00092-20100226-1323

Saturday – Product Knowledge

Today was a lot of trying out of rides and watching of shows. We watched Monster Live at Pantages, which was really really awesome. legendary monsters like Dracular, Frankenstein, etc dancing to songs like are really really modern and not songs that are of their century! The monsters were really good! Dracular told Hui Ting to call him and not ME! :((((

I got to try Canopy Flyer TWICE, front and back. i think front was better. i knew where i was going and it was going really fast! but the back wise was a bit they dragged you and your legs are left dangling and you’re like afraid that your legs would hit the bars that are around it man! anyway it was good (Y). tried DINO-Sauring as well. Its a kiddy ride which would make you fly up and down.

then the 10 of us from zone 1 both opening and closing shift washed 4 660 hoppers which is the big dustbin. it was a team bonding thingy. haha everyone like enjoying it. haha i did. like playing with water and soap and scrubbing and making things clean HAHA.

after that we all went for the JURASSIC PARK RAPIDS which is the 65 million yrs in making. the dinosauring thingy lah. the ride was good. went with Jerome, Hui Ting, Uncle Francis, Philip, Felicia and Daryl. and felicia was like grabbing and screaming and ranting THROUGHOUT the whole ride but SHE DID NOT GET WET =.= instead me, huiting, and jerome got drenched from head to toe. everyone was laughing their heads off lah =.= i was so drenched that i can squeeze water out of my socks, pants and top all wet. i got plastic bag aka raincoat also still got wet. it is to protect my blackberry. in the end the phone was so much drier than me can. =.= and then did TCC for the rest of the day and i seriously hate to clear the smoking area. closing umbrella is okay but the emptying of the bin is like EWWW cos im not a smoker myself. i hate all this cigarette dust, SUPER DISGUSTING. i think i shall end off it here. needa sleep and wake up early.


omg i think i look like jerome’s and huiting’s daughter. both of them very tall and i appear very small as compared to them! LOL.  DSC00308 P270210_12.31 P270210_12.32 park svcs after JPRWET or DRY?

These three days i had a very good laugh with Alicia, Trudy, Felicia, Philip, Megan and all. and they really make me laugh my head off. Although there are like a few of those very weird people around, I think my internship would be really awesome with all these awesome colleagues around! one of the casuals is my senior from EAST VIEW man! LOL.




omg i’m watching the chingay preview live on teevee now. and just now i watched 前线追踪 and i saw so much  chingay people having fun and all. 😦 omg i’m so sad that i i didn’t get to join this year with everyone. accounting exam tomorrow, wish me good luck cos i spent the whole week doing past year exam papers and those that i know how to do PLEASE COME OUT! And my coursework for MICE was rather good i think. if i put in effort for the paper, i might get a Z for it, like resorts ops last sem.

aye, just hope everything goes well.

till then, take care!



omg i have studied but not everything. i woke up at 10 plus and i have not done anything yet. i think french test was good yesterday and i think i am gonna take DELF A1 and JLPT 5 cos i don’t wanna waste my one sem of studying that two languages and should at least get smth out of it. 🙂 mice revision not done. yeah, i guess thats all.

ocbc cycle volunteer briefing tomorrow at conrad centennial hotel and i hope i can find my way there. everyone says its behind pan pacific hotel so i hope i can find it LOL.

when exams are over, i hope to have fun and do what a poly student like me should do. enjoy life and watch dramas and dramas on stream i think its good to waste time like that. ok, i think i really have a very sad week next week cos i am really working like the next day straight like from 7.30AM to 5pm, which is like half a day gone. like seriously no life. i think i gonna enjoy my life first by doing what i am supposed to do then i’ll go for sip. i hope everything goes well and they don’t bully interns, so far they didn’t bully casuals. i guess should be alright. i think the problem now is to finish exams and money will start to come in once the clock strikes 11.30am on Wednesday 24 Fevrier! 😀

good luck for accounting and mice to all. 😀



thats why you’re reading this post right?

everything has been good so far. cny was good i think but i woke up with very bad runny nose and sore throat on the first day of CNY which is a very sad thing on CNY. 😦

I think the preview of USS has been good although i have not been there, the crowd is like a lot as seen from the news and i am seriously glad that i did not go for work LOL. cos i wanted to prepare well for exams and do well.

I want to prove my grandma wrong and i am gonna get in NUS and get a degree or something similar. wah seriously i cannot stand the way how she sees me as an individual or a granddaughter. i was like seriously OMG when she said my dad’s cousin’s son got in express stream, like,” wah, he’s so smart that he got in express.” I was like HELLO i was also in Express LEH then she was like OH yes, you are also very smart. its not i wanna fight something like this with a kid. its something that i can’t stand at all.

so i am going to do well and prove everyone wrong and do something good for myself. so that i do not need to take any papers and enjoy and earn money and get good gpa so that the scholarship that i’ve earned is not like nothing. and of course people would praise me AND I LOVE THAT.

OKAY. i shall not be proud and continue with my revision. good luck all! 😀



YES! FINALLY! i think everyone is happy about it. 😀 awesommmmmmeeeeeeeee 😀

the atmosphere this morning, i can really feel that everyone is excited and its not as tensed and everyone was really happy and (of course we were looking forward to the end of ssm) LOL. but i really need to thank EACH and Everyone of them for the hardwork and effort that was being put in. 🙂

There were some conflicts that happened days ago as i was not really prepared about it but luckily karthik, wanling and rach soh and all helped out a lot and everything went really really well 😀 all thanks to the prepost team aka pepper people (cos they could only stay in pepper room) that put in lots of effort and time in making this a success 😀

In this post, I don’t think they might come and take a look, but anyway, it was really good to be the headwaiter for execution week, with a great team like you people, despite all the massive attack of the wine servicing. Everything went really smoothly. Service Instructors had high hopes on us and I am really glad that we could do our job well and leave a good impression on them. Like what they said, we are the last hope of LRM and I am very very very impressed with every single one of you. I appreciate the hard work that we all have put in and many many thank yous to you, you and you! (Y)(L)

it was good that we got praised by the service instructors and as mentioned by ms mark, mr chia does not really praise people. yup i guess everyone did well and we will go back to DINE at Toptable 🙂

photo that was taken and everyone was of course, SMILING!

Toptable Wednesday Group!

and its time to move on and prepare for exams! 😀