so now what?

was the headwaiter today at toptable. everything was good, there were a few whom were really really sick, but appreciate a lot that they were able to come for operations today 😀 coordination was good, between the cashier, runner and the headwaiter. there was a 16 pax today(lrm yr1) and melody and team did really well 😀

and the ccm grp came in and comments that came in were really bad and i guess were really bad, i shall see what i can do during execution week but i think everyone need to work together in order to get things done.

saw vivi’s blog and she seemed really sad 😦 sorry vivi, but i have been busy with school and all and i think we really need to meet up soon! 😀

direction in life? i posted smth similar on FB and these were the comments that were commented:

HA lets see how it goes, anw i’m lazy to elaborate, gonna work hard and pull my socks! ;D tv for now


so now what?

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