YES! FINALLY! i think everyone is happy about it. 😀 awesommmmmmeeeeeeeee 😀

the atmosphere this morning, i can really feel that everyone is excited and its not as tensed and everyone was really happy and (of course we were looking forward to the end of ssm) LOL. but i really need to thank EACH and Everyone of them for the hardwork and effort that was being put in. 🙂

There were some conflicts that happened days ago as i was not really prepared about it but luckily karthik, wanling and rach soh and all helped out a lot and everything went really really well 😀 all thanks to the prepost team aka pepper people (cos they could only stay in pepper room) that put in lots of effort and time in making this a success 😀

In this post, I don’t think they might come and take a look, but anyway, it was really good to be the headwaiter for execution week, with a great team like you people, despite all the massive attack of the wine servicing. Everything went really smoothly. Service Instructors had high hopes on us and I am really glad that we could do our job well and leave a good impression on them. Like what they said, we are the last hope of LRM and I am very very very impressed with every single one of you. I appreciate the hard work that we all have put in and many many thank yous to you, you and you! (Y)(L)

it was good that we got praised by the service instructors and as mentioned by ms mark, mr chia does not really praise people. yup i guess everyone did well and we will go back to DINE at Toptable 🙂

photo that was taken and everyone was of course, SMILING!

Toptable Wednesday Group!

and its time to move on and prepare for exams! 😀


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