thats why you’re reading this post right?

everything has been good so far. cny was good i think but i woke up with very bad runny nose and sore throat on the first day of CNY which is a very sad thing on CNY. 😦

I think the preview of USS has been good although i have not been there, the crowd is like a lot as seen from the news and i am seriously glad that i did not go for work LOL. cos i wanted to prepare well for exams and do well.

I want to prove my grandma wrong and i am gonna get in NUS and get a degree or something similar. wah seriously i cannot stand the way how she sees me as an individual or a granddaughter. i was like seriously OMG when she said my dad’s cousin’s son got in express stream, like,” wah, he’s so smart that he got in express.” I was like HELLO i was also in Express LEH then she was like OH yes, you are also very smart. its not i wanna fight something like this with a kid. its something that i can’t stand at all.

so i am going to do well and prove everyone wrong and do something good for myself. so that i do not need to take any papers and enjoy and earn money and get good gpa so that the scholarship that i’ve earned is not like nothing. and of course people would praise me AND I LOVE THAT.

OKAY. i shall not be proud and continue with my revision. good luck all! 😀


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