omg i have studied but not everything. i woke up at 10 plus and i have not done anything yet. i think french test was good yesterday and i think i am gonna take DELF A1 and JLPT 5 cos i don’t wanna waste my one sem of studying that two languages and should at least get smth out of it. 🙂 mice revision not done. yeah, i guess thats all.

ocbc cycle volunteer briefing tomorrow at conrad centennial hotel and i hope i can find my way there. everyone says its behind pan pacific hotel so i hope i can find it LOL.

when exams are over, i hope to have fun and do what a poly student like me should do. enjoy life and watch dramas and dramas on stream i think its good to waste time like that. ok, i think i really have a very sad week next week cos i am really working like the next day straight like from 7.30AM to 5pm, which is like half a day gone. like seriously no life. i think i gonna enjoy my life first by doing what i am supposed to do then i’ll go for sip. i hope everything goes well and they don’t bully interns, so far they didn’t bully casuals. i guess should be alright. i think the problem now is to finish exams and money will start to come in once the clock strikes 11.30am on Wednesday 24 Fevrier! 😀

good luck for accounting and mice to all. 😀


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