now what?

hm okay finished ig chalet and that marks the end of the ig journey LOL. haha i’m glad everything’s over. these few days i guess i’ve missed out a lot at work. shrek 4d and the fun with the PS crew! 😦 from their photos i can see i really missed out a lot. nevertheless i enjoyed myself for the past 4 days after MICE paper.

these past four days i’ve being spamming lots of 善德女王 and SHREK. cos i’ve not caught shrek since the very first, so from yesterday, i started watching the part 1 then watching Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third. I am super impressed with what dreamworks have and all. OMG. seriously i love the castle is like EXACTLY the same like those in the movie. the facades and everything. and omg PUSS IS REALLY REALLY CUTE!

PUSS IN BOOTS: i print screen from the movie. OMG SO CUTE!

on monday, me and my mom spammed 善德女王for i think 5 to 6 episodes. each episode last around 1 hour. and we watched like from 1 pm until 11plus with intervals in between of course. LOL. and also, i went to cut my hair (haha, like finally!)

I was also very regretful that i did not work the past two days cos from the photos i’ve seen from FB. i was like er.siannnnnnn =.= then got shrek 4d and ridership for some rides which i’ve already taken. and damn, i missed shrek 4d. 😦 i hope the mummy ride would be open when i’m back at work next tuesday. 🙂 as for now, im going to spam myself with lots of drama and so-called product knowledge (dreamworks movies?)

OCBC CYCLE tomorrow and was kinda WOW thay Yanling was able to join me last minute and the Volunteer leader allowed as well. lets see how it goes tomorrow…


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