these few days had been good.

both mom and dad crossed the borders over to Malaysia, went touring the state with their colleagues, one of the stewarding aunty at my dad’s workplace whom i really liked cos she’s really nice and funny! 😀

I went to volunteer for OCBC Cycle 2010 with Yanling which was kinda last minute and the volunteer leader Andy like last minute let her join although she didn’t sign up (yes, i said this like dunno-how-many-times). But I was really glad that she joined me as well. at least got a friend to accompany and with her, I also made more friends there. LOL we all had the same topic like how we don’t like this particular leader and everything under the sun HAHA. and now we are having msn convo.

Friends made at OCBC Cycle:

Last row from left: Jun Liang, Me, Yan Ling, Peggy, Jia Min
First Row: Andy, Faizah, (i dunno whats her name) *sorry*

now i only need peek-tures to be posted here! but i don’t have any 😦  haha shall see how. tomm is park services gathering cum karaoke session. with 20 over people including mgrs and casuals and all. WOW. haha okay, last gathering before park opens. i shall update again on that. 12 march is the releasing of results and is also the day that i’m going for team members preview.

So results 争气点, i don’t want my grandma to look down on me. I still want to be on DHL! and i wanna enjoy internship and team member preview and GG camp! 😀 and i still want my Diploma with Merit!


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