hello peeps! I took Canopy Flyer TEN TIMES today HOHO. I think was kinda cool. the time i took was like 3.30pm. so like to kill time and at the same time there was no queue. Therefore I took canopy flyer like nine times(to be exact). the first few times i took with Shak (the new boy intern from RP) and I guess the RP interns are quite lucky cos they got to take the rides abit nia. LOL. today JPR was supposed to be open but it ended at 3.30pm LOL so we didn’t get to take. The whole park only canopy flyer was open till 6pm if I’m not wrong.

Oh and the Team member preview on 12, 13 ,14 march, casuals are allowed to buy ONLY ONE ticket and FT and RPT gets to buy TWO. =.= its like supposed to be a family thingy but with just merely 2 tickets, if there’s a family of four, how can that RWS member bring their family members along? =.= and this was what happened to me. I only got one ticket and Uncle Dominic was really nice to give me the ticket so now i can admit two into the park. Of course i would want to enter cos I want to go on the mummy ride, watch Shrek 4d, Lights, Cameras, Action! and Donkey Live, and also ride the new Battlestar Gallatica (hopefully). I’ve already tried most of the rides. oh yes, and i also want to buy the merchandise from the shops which includes landyards, keychains, and magnets as well. 🙂

Yesterday was quite happening, I think. LOL. in the afternoon, I went to 313 with Yan Ling to buy dresses and spent like $70 plus. received a call from Amber telling us to go down to USS to buy the team preview tickets. then i went down with Yoke Jin and her LCA colleague Zhi Ling to USS to buy the tickets.

Caught up with Alicia and Yoke Jin while waiting for Natasha to meet us.

Karaoke session with Park Services peeps and all. We were seriously singing and laughing like mad. Drank a bit and I am really glad that I am in Park Services – seriously its the people that makes the job fun or else i don’t know what man =.= photos shall do the talking now.

SDC14115 SDC14116 SDC14117 SDC14118 SDC14119 SDC14120 SDC14121 SDC14122 SDC14123



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