bore (via

verb,bored, bor·ing, noun

–verb (used with object) weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.: The long speech bored me. –noun

2.a dull, tiresome, or uncongenial person.

3.a cause of ennui or petty annoyance: repetitious tasks that are a bore to do.

so its how now i am feeling now. i found out that there’s just for laughs gag Asia. its really good and as good as the ones at America side.. really really funny. i was laughing like mad when i watched the videos just now.

having an food outing with rong rong, madel, pohling and xinyi tomorrow. 😀

lets see how it goes tomorrow and I am going for the team preview at USS this sunday! 😀


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