Went out with Rong Rong, Xinyi and Madel.

It was just a simple swensens sundae. Caught up a bit and was good and we got to know what happened here and there. and what Rong rong learnt was like the moving images and stuff and she was like can criticize on what the directors do on the movies. LOL like the Alice in Wonderland, we were like discussing that the actors might be talking to mid-air when they make the movie.

then we went over to long john’s for madel’s “dinner” and then we talked stuff on jack neo’s scandal =.= and yes photos were taken as well!


SDC14128SDC14125 SDC14132 

I think there’s a lot of catching up to do with a lot of people! I’m on off next Friday and Saturday! HAHAHAH

PS: i don’t like my tan-line i think its GROSS


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